The Unusual Suspects: Portraits of the New Miami

The Langford Hotel is proud to support photographer Juan Fernando Ayora’s art project, The Unusual Suspects: Portraits of the New Miami, through their digital blog, The Langford Magazine, and through the hotel’s social media channels.

The Unusual Suspects is a series of portraits of the people who are shaping the new Miami through their ideas, projects, talent and vision. The goal of Ayora’s project is to create a master portrait of Miami using the featured individuals as the paint for the canvass. These are not the usual names that you hear when describing the city’s scene – these are the emerging characters whose individual and collective vision will have an overwhelming impact on what the city is ultimately to become.

The Langford Hotel, looking to embrace its place at the intersection of the past and future of Miami, feels that this is a beautiful cultural & historical opportunity to document for future generations to reflect upon those people who are living in Miami and sharing their dreams with this city, and will ultimately be responsible for the Miami in which those observers from the future will live.

Juan Fernando Ayora is a creative director, photographer, producer and writer based in Miami Beach. A sensitive artist, driven by great curiosity he tries to understand and document human reality and emotions. Juan travels the world creating elegant and dramatic campaigns & images, moved by his interest in discovering new places and new people all the time. His work has a strong influence of movies cinematography, an elegant perception of the world and his “every project should be a piece of art” approach. Juan provides the creative spark and direction for Lucky Frog Studios projects and is known by clients and his partners for his preternatural brand development instincts and his penchant for romantic images.