It’s time to return calle ocho back to a neighborhood main street


calle ocho
A rendering of Calle Ocho as a complete street, courtesy of PlusUrbia.


Calle Ocho is one of a few local streets that define Greater Miami. TheFlorida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Six will embark on a study later this year to decide whether the street should remain a three-lane highway or return to its original design as a two-way street. In response to FDOT’s plan, PlusUrbia, a Miami architecture and planning firm, launched the MyCalle8 campaign to add wider sidewalks, additional safe crosswalks and dedicated bike and transit lanes.

PlusUrbia has started a petition with a goal of 1,008 signatures that will be sent to state and local elected officials. Here is a letter The Miami Foundation’s president and CEO sent to FDOT District Six Director of Transportation Operations Jim Wolfe, encouraging him to support MyCalle8’s concept for the street. Weigh in by sending your own letter.

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