24 Restaurant Openings We’re Most Excited for in 2016

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Restaurants come and go, but the opening of an exciting new restaurant can be a huge deal not just for the people involved, but for the entire city they’re in. In 2016, these restaurant openings just might be the biggest ones of all.

Every year, thousands of new restaurants open across the United States. The vast majority of these are opened by chefs and restaurateurs who aren’t familiar faces on restaurant blogs and Food Network, and while some will go on to become neighborhood standbys and develop legions of fans over the course of years, many won’t be so lucky.

The restaurants on our list, however, are starting from an envious position. Even though they haven’t opened yet, people are talking about them with their friends and reading about them in blogs and newspapers. In most cases, the chefs and restaurateurs already have one or more successful restaurants under their belt and have made their mark on the industry. Folks are excited for these restaurants to open because the chefs and owners are already known quantities, and they have a heck of a track record.

So read on to learn which restaurant openings are the most-anticipated across the country. Not only will you sound like an expert when discussing the scene with your friends, you’ll also have the opportunity to be one of the first who are “in the know” when these restaurants finally do open.

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