Where to eat in Downtown Miami

In The New Tropic

Much like the neighborhood, Downtown Miami’s food scene doesn’t fit into a neat little box. Downtown’s filled with an eclectic range of restaurants, from local staples that have defined the community for decades, to experimental fusion cuisine that’s started tickling our tastebuds in just the past year. We talked to members of The New Tropic community, who shared their go-to places for cheap eats, late bites, and date nights.

Burrito San

This place is part burrito, part sushi, and all delicious. In the perfect marriage of Asian and Mexican cuisines, this Downtown spot uses fresh, locally sourced ingredients to craft the perfect sushi rolls — in the size of a burrito. Each burrito roll is customizable, so you can add more rice, cut out the mushrooms, or even nix the seaweed all together.  There are a number of vegan and vegetarian options on the menu, as well. And you’ll love the new delicious wonton chips, which come with every roll.

Manolo y Rene Cafeteria

Craving a delicious cubano at 3 in the morning? Look no further. This iconic hole-in-the-wall Downtown spot’s been serving up cafecitos and medianoches 24 hours a day for almost 40 years. Serving up fresh sandwiches like pollo a la plancha and pan con tortilla, at just $5 a pop you can have two. They’ve also got one of the best café con leches in town. But be prepared with some dollar dollar bills, ya’ll, because this spot is cash only. The good news is you won’t really need that many bills.

NIU Kitchen

Inspired by Dali’s melting clocks and Gaudí’s Sagrada Familia, this Catalan eatery is anything but ordinary. It inconspicuously popped up between an optometrist’s office and a mini-mart a little over a year ago, relying on word of mouth and locals to garner a steady stream of customers to its quaint Downtown locale. It’s easy to miss when walking along N.E. 2nd Ave., with its green awning blending in with that of the supermarket next door. However, after trying their eclectic and delicate Catalan-style small plates, paired with the perfect glass of wine, this will be a meal you’ll surely never forget.
(Photo Courtesy of Stephan Goettlicher)

Soya e Pomodoro

This charming Italian restaurant is full of romantic nostalgia. Hailing from the Italian city of Pompei, it’s no surprise that former owner Armando Alfano chose a Great Depression-era bank as the site of his Downtown restaurant, with the giant bank vault the backdrop for nightly jazz performances. Guests sit on mismatched tables and couches, dining on impeccable Italian delicacies served up by chef Cristian D’oria, ranging from vegetarian-friendly options like the sfoglia di melanzane, a baked layer of eggplant, smoked mozzarella and fresh tomatoes topped with a puff pastry, to the more meatier filetto alla provola, a fillet mignon medallion pan seared & served with smoked mozzarella & sautéed spinach with homemade mashed potatoes.


Located inside the gorgeous Perez Art Museum, this waterfront restaurant offers a uniquely artistic urban dining experience. With a sleek white interior and a rugged wood patio, guests can enjoy both the comfort of air conditioning during Miami’s brutal summers and take in the fresh air while looking out onto the bay during our cooler months. The menu options range from crowd-pleasers like thin crust pizza to the more sophisticated bistro steak. Coffee and craft cocktails are available as well.

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