The Visual Poetry of Miami-based Photographer S.A. Hopkins

In Miami Art Scene


Miami-based photographer S.A. Hopkins simplistically captures the deeper layers of feelings hidden beneath the surface of our physical reality. He shows us his perception of the world through his sophisticated images, which uncover a pureness of heart.


“Sometimes it’s a bit of irony, other times simply a face that catches my interest. I shoot with intention, but I’m often pleased with the accidental and unexpected that may arise,” says Hopkins.

S.A. Hopkins has an outstanding portfolio of work, which spans nearly four decades. He’s been shooting since he had his first camera, a Kodak Instamatic. And through the years, photography has been the only constant in his life.


He shoots architecture, street pics, portraits, landscapes and random slices of life. To our surprise, we learned that Hopkins also produces a variety of interesting finger sketches on his phone. His illustrations are just as impressive as his photography, from his quirky sketches to his edgy compositions and bold portraits – S.A. Hopkins is a versatile creative right in our own backyard.

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