Downtown Project Miami’s Immersive Art Installation #thecloudmiami at McCormick Place

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Launched during DwnTwn Art Days 2015, #thecloudmiami was revealed to visitors, guests and art-goers at Downtown Project Miami – a sophisticated new art space located on the 7th Floor of McCormick Place at 111 SW 3rd Street in Miami, Florida 33130. The Cloud Miami is an installation created and curated by Karl-Francis Allen of Downtown Project Miami and included contributions by Julio Garcia, Elysa D. Batista, Karen Kim, Sharon Rauvola, and Willy Baez.


The show explores the issue of the internet cloud and authorship. Every twist and turn of the cloud installation, whether suspended, glowing or cascading the floor, captivates the viewer and immediately stimulates dialogue and meaningful conversation.

At the center of the cloud hangs a video and audio installation, delving into concepts about personal space, human behavior and technology. We spent the last day of the exhibit lingering in the space and talking about the project with Karl-Francis Allen, feeling completely immersed within the installation and really wanting to understand the essence of what he has in store for the space. Enjoy our brief Q&A with the renowned artist and curator, while getting a glimpse of the energy behind his fresh, new innovative arts incubator in Downtown Miami.


The Cloud Miami was developed and appeared in a 3,000 square foot studio space, all in white.  Its core element is the internet cloud, a space where data is stored, but in fact houses today’s societal interaction.

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